I always find it challenging to write about myself. Every now and then I have these moments where I’m in the middle of doing something that I love and think, I should really capture this in the About Me section for the internet to read.

Unfortunately, these above things, moments that I at one point thought to make public are no longer in my accessible brain, so I will list a bunch of random things off the top of my head that I think define me as a person:

1. Researcher by nature. Example – I will spend more time researching a place to visit than actually being in that place. (It’s nice to know what to expect, no?)

2. Appreciation for the simple, yet finer things in life.

3. My Siamese cat Windsor (a.k.a. Windsy, a.k.a. Wimpy-Poo) is the best cat in the world.

4. Risk and melodrama-adverse.

5. Efficient.


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