Hearty Little Things | Robust indoor plants for low-light

It’s clear that I have not followed my intentions of blogging more. There’s always the dilemma between writing something of value to readers or writing like I would in a diary. I was never very good at either, especially the latter, but I think you will find this post most useful!

As mentioned in a previous blog, I have started a new job at BC’s largest biotech company, hurrah! I have been chasing this company for a while and it feels absolutely wonderful to be working there and applying my post-secondary education. My office environment is definitely a change from the chic Gastown office I lived in, not too long ago, during my internship at Detail. Gone are the exposed brick walls, white Ikea furniture, and MacOS. I now have my cozy, yet spacious cubicle, conveniently close to the coffee machine. It was a good week for office furniture. My requests for a garbage bin and foot rest (for ergonomic perfection) were fulfilled on Thursday and it felt almost like Christmas.

I have yet to decorate my cubicle, except for the Hello Kitty mouse-pad and Windsor screensaver. For those who know me well, it won’t be very long before I personalize my work space. I thought I would start with some foliage. The problem: I don’t have very much natural light, despite the floor-to-ceiling windows surrounding our floor. The solution: The Internet. I scoured the zeros and ones for “indoor plants that don’t need a lot of light” and came across dozens of plants suitable for such an environment. Here are some that are readily available in Vancouver:

Aspidistra elatior | The Cast-Iron Plant | Water infrequently, they like to be neglected.

Dracaena deremensis | The Corn Plant | Water every 7-10 days. Note: Poisonous!

Spathiphyllum | The Peace Lily | Water heavily but let the soil dry out between waterings.

Zamia furfuracea | The Cardboard Plant | Just like the Peace Lily, but ensure proper drainage.

Chamaedorea elegans | Parlor Palm | Water twice a week.

With these plants, I am sure everyone can be a green thumb!


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