The Calm Before The Storm & Paper Bags

It’s been a lazy Autumn Friday morning. The sun is still hidden in a sea of grey but the rain has ceased. The trees outside have turned, making me feel like I’m living in an orange world.

I don’t know why, but coffee tastes extra good this morning. The cheese and basil omelette I made was delicious despite the fact that I don’t really like omelettes. Maybe because the days of my mini staycation are coming to an end. I start my new job on Monday, causing me to be both very, very excited and a tiny bit terrified.

I was browsing Pinterest, in my daily morning ritual and came across this unique & lovely blog, To Have and To Hold. The subtle blog title hardly gives anything away but once you realize the theme of this blog, you can’t help but smile at it. It is a meticulous curation of paper bags. So many pretty paper bags and the collector in me wants them all. Now, I leave you with one of my favourite recent additions to To Have and To Hold.


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