Traveling WAY back in time

“Do you want to go to a prehistoric-themed party?”

“Umm… sure.”

Twas the convo I had with Naomi when she informed me that her coworker was throwing an annual tradition – a party of prehistoric proportions, with stalactites, hieroglyphics, and all. The night before, we frantically (I’ll admit, it was a little stressful) came up with costume ideas. We considered cave women for a second and as the cardboard box that housed our new BBQ stared up at us, I decided that we were going to build cardboard dinosaur heads. Corrugated cardboard proved too difficult (for our delicate hands) to work with so we opted for shoe boxes. The only problem was, we only had one shoe box between the two of us. Thank goodness for Social Media because as soon as I posted on Facebook that I needed some more boxes, Jordy came to the rescue with a Sperry shoe box. With some tape, a lot of liquid glue, and some colourful Origami sheets, we constructed a his and hers T-Rex complete with bow ties, and a killer triceratops.

The prehistoric party was spectacular. It was the type of party that you would feel really bad about yourself if you hadn’t dressed up. Lots of cave people, lots of dinos, and lots of fun. There was a DJ and even some prehistoric spoken word. Highlight of the night: appearance by a giant mammoth, shuffling through the dance floor to Sexy Back.


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