Shanghai Day 3

Today, I took Philip (a classmate of mine from the DBIC program at PKU) took the metro to Yu Garden and got lost in a maze of pagodas and rock gardens (in their truest forms). Yu Garden is huge and I feel like we only explored a portion of it. For lunch, we had XLBs at Din Tai Fung.

Afterwards, we zig-zagged our way, looking for the most interesting paths, to the French Concession. There are a lot of adorable, European-style, residential buildings in the French Concession. Many are in poor condition but the ones that have been kept up since the early 1900’s are so beautiful. I had no idea what do to in the French Concession other than walk around but I had read in a guidebook that Sun-Yat-Sen’s former residence was in the area so we decided to head there. I am very unfamiliar with the life of Sun-Yat-Sen but I know that he has a strong Vancouver connection (and Canadian). Sun-Yat-Sen had a garden built near China Town in Vancouver. The Canadian connection is that Chinese Canadians funded the building of his former residence on what used to be called Rue de Moliere in Shanghai.

Right across the street from Sun-Yat-Sen’s former residence is a beautiful café in a beautiful brick building. I tried to sneak whatever photos I could of the place (as photos were not allowed). We enjoyed a few glasses of sangria and cooled down a bit. We covered a lot of ground today and walked across the entire area until it was time to have dinner with Gregory and Roro at a Korean restaurant. Philip and I learned that Google maps can be very unreliable, especially in foreign countries such as China. It took us a while to realize that Google maps had provided us the incorrect location of the Korean restaurant but luckily, we weren’t that far away and although tired and sweaty from getting lost, we made it and had delicious Korean BBQ.

From dinner, Gregory and Roro took us to the financial district in Pudong, across the Bund. We ended up at Aura on the 52nd floor of the Ritz-Carlton. I finally got to enjoy a nice pot of Earl Grey and with a spectacular view of Shanghai. The suspect that I will never grow tired of gazing at the bright, colourful, and dynamic Shanghai skyline.

Tomorrow, I will definitely do less walking than today.


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