Beijing Day 12 – Hyundai Plant No. 2, R.Y.B, and NLGX.

Today, PKU took us on a tour two Chinese companies. Hyundai Plant No. 2 is operated by a joint venture between a Beijing auto group and Hyundai Korea. The plant is impeccable and efficient. We got to walk through some of the lines and observe workers attaching parts to cars. I wish I could have taken pictures but it was strictly forbidden. The second company we toured was R.Y.B., the largest early-childhood education provider in China. We visited one of its learning centers at a mall (which seemed dead quiet with hardly any customers). As soon as we came up on the escalator to the floor that R.Y.B. occupies, we were greeted by four women dressed up as animals, singing and dancing. It was a spectacle. R.Y.B. is very clean and we were asked to take our shoes off and then were given cute R.Y.B. socks with grips on the bottom. We sat on play mats in a room to hear some presentations from the vice president and manager. Afterwards, we sat in on some children’s lessons. Before we left, we all received gift bags with R.Y.B. talking stuffed animals. I got a hippo named Tata.

It was a contrasting day between grey Hyundai and colourful R.Y.B.

After the tours, I worked on my presentation about car2go entering China for a bit and then some of us headed back to Nanluoguxiang (NLGX) for dinner. We wanted to try this super cute Japanese restaurant named Suzuki but they could not accommodate our whole group so we went back to the Peking Hostel Cafe to have some Italian food. We started off our dinner sitting on the rooftop but then this huge windstorm/rainstorm came and because we are fine and delicate women, we moved inside. It was kind of an ordeal to get a table inside but eventually, we were seated in an intimate corner where we enjoyed our refreshing mojitos, pizzas (with cheese – we were all craving cheese that night), pastas, and salads. We wanted to grab a few more drinks after dinner so we ran in the rain into the next decent looking place we came across and we ended up in this weird treehouse-looking hookah bar. We ended up sitting on the indoor balcony overlooking the rest of the bar and sat on cushions.

It took a while (and a lot of yuans) to get back to the hotel, but we made it. I can’t believe it is the second to last night in Beijing!


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