Beijing Day 9 & 10

So yesterday, we had a lecture about the Chinese consumer which gave us a lot of good information for our final presentation. So, in order to pass our program at PKU, we have to do a group presentation about a company that has not entered China yet and how they should go about doing so. I convinced my group to do car2go. We didn’t really do much after class yesterday, so I will not bore you with the details of our dinner at a¬†Hunan restaurant down the street from our hotel and how Erin and I bought Chinese magazines at a bookstore.

Today picked up a bit more. We had two guest lectures, one from the chairman/founder of Blue Ocean Network and an individual from Tishman Speyer. Blue Ocean Network provides English news from China (brought to you by actual Chinese journalists) and Tishman Speyer is a commercial real estate developer. Both lectures were pretty interesting and I can’t believe they were our last for the program.

After class, I finally booked my plane tickets for the rest of my China travels. I am going to fly to Guilin on Saturday from Beijing and spend 3 nights there. From Guilin, I will head to Shanghai for 4 nights and then fly back to Vancouver. Although I have grown fond of Beijing, I am ready to leave the capital and head to a smaller city.

We decided to hit up the Silk Market again. Marah and I were feeling a little peckish so we shared my favourite Beijing food thus far, a Beijing Breakfast or Jian Bin. It is essentially a savoury egg crepe with a crispy cracker and green onions/cilantro.

I saw a beautiful Alexander Wang purse but I could not bear to spend over $100 CAD on a fake purse, even if the real one is multiple dollars more. From the Silk Market, we hopped on the metro to Ghost Street to find some dinner on the red-lantern lined streets. We had some delicious Sichuan food which was very spicy (but tasty).

On our way to and from the restaurant, we came across turtles, crayfish, and a kitten on the street. I could not tear myself away from this little guy!

After dinner, we headed back to the area of our hotel and decided to hit up the karaoke palace next to our hotel. We’ve always walked by this place and it’s always been busy. We found out that there was a live variety show and entrance was free for women on Tuesdays, so a bunch of us went. The moment we walked into the venue, our draws dropped. It was packed with people sitting at tables with glow sticks in their hands, hitting their tables to cheer for performers. The venue was cowboy/nautical (?) themed and everyone was really into it. The performers sang and also drank a lot of beer on stage (very quickly) while people cheered them on. It was unreal. I took a video which I will post when I get back to Vancouver because words cannot describe this place. I have to say, it was probably one of my most genuine Chinese cultural experiences thus far.


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