Beijing Day 8 – Many more rooftops

We had a late start today but it was really nice to sleep in for once. I’ve finally gotten used to the bed in our hotel and pressed snooze for the first time this trip. Beijing has exhausted me and I really needed a relaxing day. Since we didn’t get a chance to see all of 798 Art District yesterday, some of us headed back there for a second time. Today was especially hot and I am grateful that I brought my umbrella from Vancouver. Most females in Beijing use umbrellas on sunny days to shield themselves from the rays. At first I thought it was a little silly but on a hot day like today, it made such a difference.

798 was just as great as it was yesterday and this time we got to go into more galleries. I fell in love with some beautiful pieces of art and wish I could afford to purchase them. I think in comparison to art you would buy in galleries in other big cities (such as NYC), the prices are pretty reasonable (like everything else in China). We had lunch at a western style café and I had a panini and fries. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love Chinese food but I need some variety in my diet. It really hit to spot and I washed it down with a nice iced Americano (coffee at our hotel and school is not the greatest).

Some of the guys from Booth (University of Chicago) heard about this place in Dongcheng called the Drum & Bell that has all-you-can-drink from 3pm – 6pm for 50 yuan (which is less than $10). What better way to relax than sitting on a rooftop patio with unlimited drinks for a couple of hours? The view was spectacular – the sun was setting and we had a great view of the Drum and Bell towers.

After happy hour, we walked a short distance to Houhai and settled at another rooftop patio. Beijing has a million rooftop patios and I absolutely love it. You’re high up with a great view of the city, you’re away from the crowds, and the trees surrounding the patios give you a lot of cool shade.



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