Birthdays, Mega Beerus, and Mugwort

My dearest and oldest (in more ways than one) friend, Naomi, is turning 28 this year (which reminds me that I too will be turning 28 very shortly). We celebrated her birthday at one of our favourite restaurants, Guu Garden, where the specialty is Izakaya (Japanese pub fare) and MEGA BEERUS, which equate to a litre of Sapporo. Many giant mugs of beer and lots of Kewpie mayo later, we were full and buzzing from good company.

In case you were wondering what a litre of beer looks like, here is a photo of Naomi drinking one:

In case you were also wondering where the mugwort came in, well, Guu Garden had a dessert on special, which was cheesecake made with mugwort. Of course we were intrigued by the Harry Potter-esque herb called mugwort, so we ordered the dessert after wikipedia-ing it. Apparently, pregnant women should not consume it.

Happy birthday Naomi!


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