Capital City for the Weekend, Cutie Pies, and Seven Wonders

Victoria, situated near the southern tip of Vancouver Island, is my home away from home. The capital of British Columbia is the perfect getaway when the big city begins to wear on you. Though I love living in Vancouver, the perks of Victoria are (but definitely not limited to): swimmable lakes and lots of them, no Vancouver Specials, no traffic, Hernandez $5/5 pollo tacos, Cold Comfort macaron ice cream sandwiches, Habit Coffee Shop, everything and everyone of importance is within walking distance, and the list goes on.

I spend a large portion of my weekends in Victoria and this weekend was no different. Geoffrey and I were hosted by two of the best hosts in the world and one of my favourite couples in the world, Tina and Sean. Here is a photo of them looking at an adorably painted pole in Fernwood, where Victorian hippies reside. Also, here is a photo of them doing weird things in Haultain Village.


We spent the weekend relaxing, walking around, sitting in the sun, and watching Geoffrey play bicycle polo (Wiki description here). Congrats are in order to Geoffrey and his team for winning their tournament. I will not mention their team name because it is inappropriate, but it is a combination of one’s derrière and what people sometimes wear on their heads. Throughout our weekend, we came across some cutie pies:


When I wasn’t taking photos of animals and doing the above things, I was playing what is currently my favourite board game. Seven Wonders. I love me a good board game and this one is a goody. There are resources involved, victory points, and battling. Nerdy? Sure. Fun? Yes.

All in all, it has been a very swell weekend. Until next time, Victoria.


2 thoughts on “Capital City for the Weekend, Cutie Pies, and Seven Wonders

  1. Oh Masaks! I am so honoured to be on the blog, which by the way, is super cute! Great photos. You guys are always our favourite guests (and Tortellini’s too!) Have fun in not-quite-motherland and looking forward to the next visit! ❤

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