Kingsway at Fraser

There is a tiny little block of East 15th Ave that stretches between Kingsway and Fraser St. The resident businesses of this block stick out like a sore-thumb but fit the neighbourhood quite naturally. From west to east, you’ve got Heartbreaker Salon, The Gluten-Free Epicurian, Spool of Thread, Lions Den Cafe, and Les Faux Bourgeois. This row of small shops and restos bring a breadth of fresh air to an area in need of rejuvenation.

The row recently welcomed a new addition – Matchstick Coffee Roasters. The cafe is starkly beautiful without feeling cold. The mix of natural wood, metal, whimsy give it a modern-rustic-industrial charm.


Matchstick offers in-house roasted, single-origin beans accompanied with a selection of baked goods and fresh sandwiches.

The cafe is busy on a weekend morning-afternoon, but I imagine on a weekday, its long tables, natural light, and caffeinated treats will make for a great environment for studying and/or reading.


One thought on “Kingsway at Fraser

  1. I first went here one weekday mid morning the first day of freedom after our winter exams, and I can confirm that it was a great place to catch up on weeks worth of “I’ll write this email after exams” and related delayed tasks.

    Great pick, can’t wait to go back.

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