Finn Slough on a Rainy Afternoon



Hidden in the heart of Richmond, just off an arm of the Fraser River, humbly sits the tiny community of Finn Slough. Rows of stilt-houses line the muddy waters with access by a rickety wooden bridge. Only a short drive (30 minutes or so) out of Vancouver, Finn Slough transports you to another era (and another land), reminiscent of swampy Louisiana.

The community was established in the 1890’s by a group of Finnish loggers and coal miners. Even before their houses were built, the first building to be erected on Finn Road was a sauna, to comfort and revive the weary bodies of Finnish laborers. The Finnish settlers would fish the rich waters and trade their fish. Back in the day, it would have taken an entire day to travel from Finn Slough to Vancouver so fish was traded in the canneries of Steveston (which at the time was known as the fisherman version of the Wild West).

I highly recommend a visit. You will not be disappointed.


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