Le Marché St. George

To kick off the first non-rainy-day-in-a-while (here’s hoping for more, since it IS summer), I took a leisurely bicycle ride through Mount Pleasant to the lovely, Le Marché St. George, located at St. George St and East 28th Ave. Nestled among Vancouver Specials sits this delightfully twee grocery store and cafe.

Le Marché features locally roasted beans, locally baked goods – I purchased a beautiful loaf of sourdough bread baked by one of their neighbours, locally made cheeses, organic produce, and a charming assortment of artisan goods from linens to vinegars.

It’s a small wonder that they were featured in Monocle Magazine’s Best Cafes (fast-forward to 5:05 to catch the clip of Le Marché, lol @ “single-speed bike crowd”).


One thought on “Le Marché St. George

  1. That’s so cute Masa!
    Lovely photos.

    I have soup stock in my freezer that I made for your matzo balls but it may have to wait until we’re back from Toronto 😦

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