Come the end of August, I will have lived in Vancouver for two years. When does a person become an “-ite” of the city he or she lives in? Well, regardless of my designation, I really, really enjoy living in Vancouver.

After reading Scout Magazine’s Post-Riot Therapy: 101 Great Things About Life In Vancouver, I was inspired to pay some tribute of my own. Here are a few gems that were not listed on Scout.

New Brighton Park
 (photo by whoelius)

Beach-front, outdoor pool, mountain views, industrial charm. Bonus: a higgledy-piggledy treehouse.

(photo by ayrcan)

The oldest neighbourhood in Vancouver. Historical and colourful. Strath is perfect for a nice stroll or bicycle ride, followed by 218 flavours of ice cream at La Casa Gelato.

Rennie Collection at Wing Sang
(photo by rennie)

Beautifully restored Wing Sang building, one of the oldest in China Town. Houses exhibition space for Bob Rennie’s impressive art collection. To book a free viewing, visit their website here.

Finn Slough
(photo by paul)

Located in Richmond, this little community will transport you to another time and place (think of a swampy bayou in Louisiana). Visit their website for more information here.


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